Endorsed Republican Candidates: District 3

If you live in the following cities: Angeles Oaks, Baldwin Lake, Barstow, Barton Flats, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Boulder Bay, Bryn Mawr, Colton*, Crafton, East Highland, Erwin Lake, Fawnskin, Flamingo Heights, Forest Falls, Grand Terrace, Highland, Johnson Valley, Joshua Tree, Landers, Loma Linda, Lucerne Valley, Mentone, Moonridge, Morongo Valley, Mountain Home Village, Oak Glen, Patton, Pioneer Town, Reche Canyon, Redlands, San Bernardino*, Seven Oaks, Sugarloaf, Twentynine Palms, Wonder Valley, Yucaipa, Yucca Valley, then these are your endorsed candidates. 

Barstow Community College District: Timothy R. Heiden

Barstow Community College District: Vanessa M. Pack

Copper Mountain Community College District, Area 1: Liz Meyer

San Bernardino Community College District, Area 6: Stephanie Houston


I will work to ensure affordable college and career education options in support of job creation. Highlights of my experience include: state recognized career education professional, national postsecondary accreditation commissioner, regionally recognized workforce development professional.  

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Bear Valley Unified School District: David De Boer

Bear Valley Unified School District: Cathy Herrick


I serve as School Board Vice-President and on the Executive Board for the Big Bear Republican Club.  I’m a fiscal conservative and local business owner. I put students first for a better future and community. 

Morongo Unified School District, Area 4: L. Hilary Slotta

Morongo Unified School District, Area 5: Chris Proudfoot

Morongo Unified School District, Short-Term: Donna D. Munoz

Redlands Unified School Board, Area 2: Michele Rendler

Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District, Area 5: Patricia L. Ingram

City of Barstow, City Council, District 1: Timothy R. Silva

City of Barstow, City Council 2: Merrill M. Gracey

City of Grand Terrace, Mayor: Darcy McNaboe

City of Grand Terrace, City Council: Doug A. Wilson

City of Highland, City Council, District 4: John Timmer


"I am proud to serve as your current Council Member. 

* Firefighter Retired

* US Army 1970-71

A tested, trusted, proven leader whose priority is public safety and fiscal responsibility." 

City of Redlands, City Council, At-Large: Michael Ten Eyck

City of Redlands, City Council, District 3: Paul Barich


"I ran for City Council to get the city's financial house in order. We have eliminated the deficit without raising taxes while adding more police and fire personnel. I want to increase public safety." 

City of San Bernardino, Mayor: R. Carey Davis


Since being elected Mayor in 2014, I’ve lead San Bernardino out of bankruptcy, converted our budget deficit into a surplus, attracted businesses, and reduced crime by 14%. I’ll continue to restore San Bernardino to prosperity. 

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City of San Bernardino, City Council, Ward 4: Fred Shorett


Like my Mother and father, I am a lifelong Republican and have always supported conservative values.

I will continue to do so. I believe in small government, less taxation and regulations, and balanced budgets.

City of Twentynine Palms, City Council, District 3: Daniel L. Mintz, Sr.

City of Yucaipa, City Council, District 1: Wyatt P. Padgett


"I’m a third-generation Yucaipa resident. I am a young husband and father. I want to help Yucaipa continue in a positive direction as I bring a unique viewpoint. Yucaipa deserves a homegrown representative."

Town of Yucca Valley, City Council, District 1: James A. Schooler

Town of Yucca Valley, District 3: Merl R. Abel

Big Bear Community Services District: John Green


"My name is John Green 40 year Resident of Big Bear and I am running for re-Election to the the Big Bear City Community Services District Board of Directors and also by extension to the BBFA, BBARWA and BVBGSA board of Directors. I am honored to have been endorsed by our 33rd District State Assemblyman Jay Obernolte as well as by the Fire Fighters Association."

Big Bear Airport District: Steven H. Baker

Big Bear Airport District: Joseph Kelly


I'm Joseph Kelly, running for re-election to the Big Bear Airport District. I run to serve all my constituents, following the ideals of Low Taxes, Government of the People, Pro-Business and Local Accountability.

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Big Bear City Community Services District: Daniel Easterby

Big Bear City Community Services District: Karyn Oxandaboure

Big Bear City Community Services District: Al M. Ziegler

Bear Valley Community Healthcare District: Peter S. Boss

Big Bear Muncipal Water District, Division 2: Larry Cooke

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Division 3: Anthony G. Jones


Anthony Jones is a conservative Black Republican running for San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District #3. Anthony Jones is the Chairman of the San Bernardino Planning Commission and a Real Estate Broker. Vote Anthony Jones! 

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Division 4, T. Milford Harrison


San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Division 5: Paul R. Kielhold


I have spent the last 44 years solving complex challenges for private sector and government clients.  If elected, I will use my knowledge, experience and success in working with others toward obtaining sustainable water supplies.

Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency: John R. Burkhart

Bighorn-Desert View WAter Agency: Judy Coro-Lorono

Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency: John Skerbelis

San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, Division 4: Blair Ball

East Valley Water District: Ronald L. Coats


I’m a card-carrying, flag waving, red-blooded American, republican and decorated Army Veteran. My credo is honesty, integrity and transparency. My name is Ronald Coats and I need your vote for East Valley Water District Director. 

East Valley Water District: Phillip R. Goodrich

Indian Wells Valley Water District: Peter E. Brown

Indian Wells Valley Water District: Charles D. Griffin

Joshua Basin Water District: Thomas J. Floen

Joshua Basin Water District: Paul F. Coate

Yucaipa Valley Water District, Division 2: Bruce J. Granlund

Yucaipa Valley Water District, Division 3: Jay Bogh