Endorsed Candidates: November 6, 2018

Governor: John Cox

John Cox is a conservative Republican businessman who is endorsed by former Speaker Newt Gingrich, CA Pro-Life Council, and Rep. Mimi Walters. He believes in securing our borders, a border wall, and enforcing federal immigration laws.

Attorney General: Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.)

Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) was an elected Superior Court Judge in El Dorado County for 8 ½ years, where he had assignments in criminal, civil, probate, and juvenile cases, until he retired in 2017. 

Secretary of State: Mark Meuser

I will clean up California’s bloated voter rolls. A voter’s name must not
be on the rolls if they’re ineligible to vote (i.e. because they’ve died,
moved out of state, or are a non-citizen).

Controller: Konstantinos Roditis

Fiscal responsibility should not be a partisan issue. As your next State Controller, I will protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse no matter where it comes from. It’s time to Restore Sanity to California!

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

· Businessman, CPA and Veteran

· Former Pres. of CA Public Utilities Commission

· Former Comm. of CA Transportation Commission

· 30 years Financial and Accounting Experience

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