March 2020 primary endorsements

The San Bernardino County Republican Party has endorsed the following candidates: 

U.S. House of Representatives

District 8: Asm. Jay Obernolte


"Our government is out of control. I’m running for Congress to protect our liberties, keep taxes low, secure our borders, cut spending, balance the federal budget, and support our President." - Jay

District 27: Beatrice Cardenas


Beatrice is a wife, mother of three, and mortgage professional. Raised in Monterey Park she is dedicated to restoring the American Dream and protecting the interests of the working class; lowering taxes and bringing corporate jobs back home. 

District 31: Agnes Gibboney


"I’m a legal immigrant, lifelong Republican, married to my husband Mark and resident of the 31st Congressional District for 36 years. My son, Ronald da Silva, was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien." - Agnes

District 35: Mike Cargile


  "Years ago, as a young Army officer, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I am here to fulfill that oath…SO HELP ME GOD." - Mike

District 39: Young Kim

Young Kim

Young Kim, a former State Assemblywoman, has dedicated her life to public service and giving back to her community. As a Congresswoman, Young will fight to lower taxes and ensure healthcare is accessible and affordable.  

State Senate

District 21: Scott Wilk

Scott Wilk

Standing Strong, And Getting The Job Done To Build a Better California.

District 23: Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh


Wife (23yrs) and mother (3), Realtor (16 yrs.), Fmr. Yucaipa Chamber Board Chairwoman/board member (4 yrs.), Board member for the East Valley Association Board of Realtors, & YCJUSD Board Trustee.

District 29: Ling Ling Chang

Ling Ling Chang

"Endorsing me for re-election will help keep tax raiser Josh Newman out of the Senate. The California Taxpayers Association rated me 100% for killing $29 billion in new taxes and protecting Prop 13." -Ling Ling Chang

State Assembly

District 36: Tom Lackey


"As your Assemblyman, I promised to fight higher taxes, protect our communities, stand up to special interests, and seek solutions to the biggest problems facing our region. However, the job is not done and I promise to fight every day for my constituents."- Asm. Tom Lackey

District 40: Jennifer Tullius


District 41: Robin Hvidston


I am the pro-America, pro law enforcement and pro business assembly candidate running to restore our Golden State. I will work to secure our border and help our great Veterans and our American citizens first.

District 42: Andrew Kotyuk


A Navy veteran, Mayor and businessman, Andrew Kotyuk will get the homeless off our streets.  He opposes sanctuary cities and favors immediate deportation of violent, undocumented immigrants.  He will protect Prop. 13 property tax savings.  

District 47: Matthew Gordon


 "As a Sheriff's Sergeant and Parks, Community, and Human Services Commissioner, I have first hand knowledge of many of our current issues. I want to restore common sense solutions and faith in Sacramento. " - Matthew

District 52: Toni Holle


"I am married, with two sons, and five grandchildren. I have been a Chino resident for over 35 years. A political activist for over 10 years with the goal of bringing common sense to Sacramento." - Toni

District 55: Phillip Chen

Phillip Chen

 "I am a State Assemblyman and Small Business Owner committed to protecting Prop. 13, creating jobs, and keeping our families safe."- Asm. Phil Chen

county supervisor

District 1: Col. Paul Cook


"I’ve fought for our community at the state and the federal level and know that by building consensus and coalitions, we can position our region as a go-to area for businesses, tourism, and job growth." - Paul

District 3: Dawn Rowe


 "I pledge to streamline County government and promote development and economic growth in our region. As a lifelong Republican and Gold Star spouse, I believe deeply in the principles of limited government and personal liberty." - Dawn

District 5: Jesse Armendarez


"I am running to bring my record from Fontana to the Board of Supervisors. I want to reduce crime, invest in our infrastructure and bring jobs to our county. I hope you will endorse me." - Jesse