Have you considered running for elected office?

We Want You To Run For Office in 2018!

Do you want to help shape your own community? 

Do you believe in Public Service and Smaller Government? 

Do you believe in Less Taxes? 

Are you a registered Republican? 

There are 256+ elected offices in San Bernardino County coming up in November 2018 that need a Republican on the ballot, and we hope you'll consider being that person. 

Every year, dozens of offices go uncontested, meaning that Democrats are elected and re-elected simply because nobody decided to file to run against them. 

Help us change that and ensure each and every seat up for election in 2018 has a Republican candidate on the ballot. 

Know somebody interested in running? Send them a link to this page! 

Join us for our Candidate Training Program. Check the calendar for upcoming sessions. 



Step One: Confirm that you are a registered Republican. 

Check your republican registration

Step Two: Compare the offices you eligible to run for with the list below. 

Offices up for Election

Step Three: Let us know that you're interested by filling out the NO OBLIGATION form below! 

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